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Strip Digital-28x11 operates at 5V DC, has 30smd and 30pixeles, consumption 8W/m IP33 roll of 5 meters. Allows you to set each led color independently. Is controlled in groups of 3 LEDs. You have 3 channels of control with a data bus a priority, so it is possible to obtain light effects special colors as continuous, and many more.
This Led strip requires a controller to strip digital for work and a source of power supply of 5V DC.
It is one of the most extended if you want to have a light accent or decorative very low power consumption. Adapt to any location and give a special touch to any room.

Features of the LED Strip 5V DC SMD2811 30LED/m 30pix. 8W/m 5m IP33 2 yearswarranty

This LED strip DIGITAL DC 5V is 5 meter in length and 12.5 mm in width and 3mm in height. Uses Led technology SMD28x11 for high-brightness at an angle of 120°.

Has a useful life of 30,000 hours approximately.

It should be noted that this LED strip is fully dimmable, so if we have an appropriate Digital controller, we can adapt the light intensity to any situation. On the other hand to be able to function requires a source of power.

Advantages of the LED Strip DIGITAL 5V DC SMD2811 30LED/m, 8W Digital 5m IP33 with 2 years ofwarranty

, with a slimline design, this type of LED lighting is integrated in any space with minimal visual impact while achieving a lighting effect ideal for all kinds of projects. Also, the Strip LED DIGITAL DC 5V 30 Pixels SMD 30LED/m 5m IP33 includes a band 3M adhesive for easy installation in any place you want, from private homes, to applications, most professionals in the business or shopping, among many other uses.

Some examples of the placement of the LED Strip DIGITAL 5V DC SMD2811 30LED/m, 8W Digital 5m IP33 with 2 years ofwarranty would be in different types of rooms such as hallways, display cases, shelves, etc Consíguela in our online store for lighting with the best price on a range of different color temperatures, to choose between cool white, neutral or warm.

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