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18W 1440lm Square

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The badge square LED Super Slim of 18W of potency possesses an extraflat design with big finished and it is provided with a very limited consumption.

Its exterior size is of 217x217x20mm, court 205x205mm.

Its light source SMD 2835 it provides a luminosity that is equivalent to that of a halogenous light of some 140W. This efficiency provides an important saving to us in the light consumption. On the other hand, its useful life is of up to 30.000 hours and she does not need any type of maintenance. Its angle of opening of 120th is perfect for a wide and effective lighting.

Applications of the badge square LED SuperSlim of 18W

Considering the potency and services of this badge LED, it is the element of lighting ideal LED for corridors, receivers, stairs or for those spaces where an environmental light of big largeness is needed.

Super Slim enjoys the badge square LED of 18W of potency of our on-line shop of lighting Ledmall with two years of guarantee.

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