Round-8W->25W-color: CCT-2800K->6000K

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The Super Slim circular LED plate has an extra-thin design with a great finish and has a very low consumption with Samsung chips.

We offer the following powers: 8W, 15W and 24W with a luminosity that is equivalent to that of a halogen luminaire of about 60W. This efficiency provides us with significant savings in light consumption. On the other hand, its service life is up to 30,000 hours and does not need any maintenance. Its 120o aperture angle is perfect for wide and effective lighting.

Super Slim circular LED board applications with Samsung chip

Given the power and performance of this LED board, it is the ideal LED lighting element for hallways, halls, stairs or for those spaces where a wide ambient light is required.

Enjoy the Super Slim circular LED board from our online Ledmall lighting store.

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