Zigzag 28x35-60smd/m-7,2W-Rojo-IP33-5m.

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The Strip LED "Zigzag" 12V DC SMD3528 60LED/m 7,2W 5m Red IP33 is one of the most widespread options if it is desirable to have an accent light or decorative of very low consumption. They adapt themselves to any place and give a special touch to any stay.

Typical of the Strip LED 12V DC SMD2835 60LED/m 7,2W 5m Red IP33

This strip LED monocolor of 12V DC is 5 meters long and it uses LEDs of technology SMD2835 of big luminosity in an angle of 120th.

It has a useful life of 30.000 hours approximately and 3 years of guarantee.

It is necessary to emphasize that this strip LED is completely adjustable therefore, if we have a suitable controller, we will be able to adapt the light intensity to any situation. On the other hand to be able to work needs a power supply.

Advantages of the Strip LED 12V DC SMD2835 60LED/m 7,2W 5m Red IP33

On having been provided with a flat extra design and the very cut away track, it makes her more comfortable to realize curves and drafts to 90th, this type of lighting LED integrates into any space with the minimal visual impact, achieving a lighting of ideal effect for all kinds of projects.
Also, the Strip LED 12V DC SMD2835 60LED/m 5m Red IP33 includes an adhesive band 3M to facilitate its installation in any place that is wished, from single-family dwellings, up to more professional applications in business or commerce, between many other uses.

Some examples of laying of the Strip LED 12V DC SMD2835 60LED/m 7,2W 5m Red IP33 would be in different types of stays like signs, signs, individual letters, spaces complicated to place other products led, etc. Obtain it in our on-line lighting shop at the best price in Red color.

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