18W 1440lm Redondo

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18W circular LED ceiling with measurements 220x38mm it is very easy to install and perfectly meets as the main light in any room.

It integrates a very efficient light source that produces 1440 lumens. This luminosity allows us to save considerably, even against fluorescent ceilings. In addition, with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, it is much longer than a conventional luminaire and this is also a savings factor.

18W Circular LED Ceiling Uses

This type of lighting is used in indoor spaces. Its wide opening angle of 120o allows light to be distributed in a very homogeneous and the opal diffuser it incorporates eliminates possible glare that it can produce.

Widely used in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens, in our online LED lighting shop you can find the 18W circular LED ceiling in various light color temperatures to choose between cold, neutral or warm white.

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