Square 24W 19200lm

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24W square led with measures 300x39mm It is easy to install and fully meets the requirements of the main light. Anywhere.

It's a very efficient light source to produce 1920 The brightness It allows us to save a lot of money, even in front of the fluorescent dialog.no In addition, the service life of up to 30000 hours is much longer than that of conventional lighting, which is also a cost saving factor.

The use of 24W square LED module

This kind of lighting is used indoors. Its width is 120 degrees, making the light distribution very uniform. Embedded opaque radiator eliminates possible blurring I can produce it.

Widely used in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens, in our LED mall's online store, you can find 24W square LED panels in different light levels to choose between cold, neutral or warm white.

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