Panel Led 30-40W 60x60cm 4000K sin driver

30 or 40W 60x60 UGR<19 driver

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The 60x60cm LED Panel features an elegant finish, a white lacquered aluminum frame and a slim design.

Its LED lighting system emits a luminosity of up to 4800 lumens, equivalent to that emitted by conventional fluorescence panels of up to 90W, achieving significant energy savings. With an immediate start, without noise and without flickering, this LED Panel is perfect for places where you want to maximize the illuminated space, projecting the light evenly and without glare.

The LEDs are oriented towards the surface to be illuminated, so the 30W or 40W 60x60cm LED Panels are sold without drivers, depending on the desired power of the panel. The light practically does not change direction, taking full advantage of its light output.

This LED panel is the ideal choice if you are looking for a panel with good performance and minimum consumption. It is widely used in offices, shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, museums, etc., as well as in homes and residences.

Specially designed to provide uniform, glare-free lighting. Within the European regulations for lighting indoor workplaces such as offices, conference rooms, classrooms, libraries, etc ... while its high CRI prevents colors from being distorted. This last characteristic is especially important in commercial spaces such as clothing stores, dealerships or art galleries to give a few examples.

* They are installed in a removable false ceiling, to install on the ceiling you need the suspension kit. Not compatible with surface kit.

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