2W G45 200lm Opening 300o

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The G45 LED bulb or better known as the "ping-pong" with E27 bushing of 2W and 220lm can save up to 90% of the electricity consumption.
Its lifespan of 25,000 hours allows us to reduce the replacement of it.
It emits a uniform and at the same time soft light of high quality thanks to its Filaments.
It is made of glass to be more transparent and equal to the old traditional bulbs, which allows you an opening angle of 300o
Its small size makes it widely used for small spaces and preferable in front of its most powerful sisters.
You can choose the most suitable color for your needs between 6000K, 4500K or 2800K
Do not forget that you need space to be able to replenish, according to your needs as an LED product. For this reason we do not recommend closing it in very small spaces.


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