50W 120x60 and 120lm / w 4000K

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LED panel is 1200x60cm, with a refined finished product, white aluminum frame and slim design.

LED lighting system has a maximum LED luminous intensity of 3600 fluid, which is equivalent to the luminous amount of 80 watt traditional fluorescent plate, saving a lot of energy. There is an immediate start, no noise and flicker, this led panel is the perfect place to maximize the lighting space and project light in a unified and invisible way.

The LED lights face the surface, so the LED panel LED 1200x60cm light basically does not change direction, making the best use of its light flow.

This led panel is an ideal choice if you want to find a panel with good performance and minimum consumption. It is widely used in offices, shopping centers, hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, museums, as well as residential and residential buildings.

Specially designed to provide uniform lighting without light According to the lighting standards of European internal workplace (office, conference room, classroom, library, etc.), your high standard protects the color from distortion. The latter feature is particularly important in business places such as clothing stores, dealers or art galleries, to name just a few.

*To fabricate a detachable roof requires a suspension device that is not compatible with the ground bread.

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