6W COB 480lm Opening 50º

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The Led Mall Light Bulbwith 5 years warranty, the model GU106W with 480lm it's 50 degrees opening angle  and it replaces the traditional halogen lamps. With this lamp you can save up to 85% light. It has pleasant light and a high-quality maximum-width focus to improve lighting.
Its aluminum body allows it to have very good dissipation for its long life of 25,000 hours.
The GU10 model is used in portholes, ceiling sconces, shop windows, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
It has a very simple installation. You should just remove the old halogen and put the new LED bulb with GU10 socket direct to 220V.
The Led Mall light bulballows to eliminate the consumption of conventional ballasts  (electromagnetic or electronic) booster energy saving.

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