Controlador Tira led Digital 5-24V 8W SD128MB 16programas

DIGITAL TIRA controller 5V->24V-8W-SD 128MB-16 programs

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The Controller for Digital Tira allows for the download, configuration and programming of the color range of the LED.
The control can control both the speed and intensity of the color mode and the change with light inflexion tenue over the on/off in the long control distance, which has a high sensitivity and strong drive capacity to a constant and reliable performance.

It is programbased through the computer and allows for the ordering of the images or videos in a desired order

Among the technical characteristics of the controller RGB controller, the following stand out:

  • Input: DC from 5V up to 24V
  • Consumption 8kWh/1000h
  • IP33 Protection
  • Material: Aluminum + Plastic
  • SD Memory Card, 256MB SDHC (slot for card up to 128MB->2GB)
  • Card format: FAT, *.led
  • 3 pin pin
  • Maximum 16 supporting programs
  • Maximum Pixels: 1024/2048
  • Warranty 2 years.

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