Modulo LED 12V-3SMD-3014-0.36W-120-Verde-IP65

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12. LED unit led has 3 smd3014 diodes, consumption is 0.36w, opening 120 degrees, protection IP65, green.
20 units of Parker
This is one of the best choices if you want to have enough lights for labeling, writing, office, bar, restaurant, hotel or any lighting.
Easy to put, easy with your adhesive tape 3M
It's very comfortable because of its flexibility, high light and low power consumption.

Module characteristics led 12V DC smd3014 3 LED 0,36W green package 20un. Three year old IP65guarantee

The 12V DC monochrome LED is a three diode, with 20 components connected together. Using smd30x14 technology led high brightness at 120 degree angle.
Its size is 18 × 8x2.9millimeter

The service life is about 30000 hours.

It is worth emphasizing that the LED module is completely adjustable, so if there is a proper controller, we can adjust the light intensity to adapt to any situation.

Advantages of LED 12V DC smd3014 unit 3 LED 0,36W green package 20un. Three year old IP65guarantee

This led light design is very flat, in any space can be combined with the smallest visual effect, for all types of projects to provide the ideal effect lighting. Similarly, led 12 DC smd3014 3 LEDs 0.36w green pack 20un. IP65 includes a 3M tape for easy installation anywhere from private homes to more professional commercial or commercial applications, including many uses.

Some examples of resettlement Modular LED 12V DC SMD3014 3 LED 0,36W green package 20un. IP65They will be available in different types of rooms, such as porches, windows, windows, furniture, corridors, bookshelves, etc., in our online lighting store at the best price with different colors of temperature, and choose between cold and warm white, red, green and blue.

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